7 Reasons Why Kombucha On Tap is the Best Option

Initially, Kombucha was accessible either in bottles or cans in the grocery store aisles. The bottles are designed for a single-serve. They come in aluminum cans and glass bottles. Not to worry, if you are a keg lover, the brewers have thought of you too.

Kombucha brewers have embraced the new way of packaging drinks. This new way consists of kegging and serving drinks from a tap, such as beers, wines, and Kombucha. You must be wondering why serving Kombucha from a tap is the best way. Below is a list of reasons to enlighten you more on ‘Kombucha On Tap’.

Reasons Why Kombucha on Tap is the Best Option for Your choice of drink

As a keg lover, Kombucha gets to offer you all that you are looking for in a kegged beverage. The following list of reasons gives you the go-ahead you are looking for.

  • Minimizes Waste

A kegged drink gives you the privilege of serving your customers more than once from the same glass. When comparing it to bottled beers, a person taking ten bottles of beer will have ten empty bottles and bottle tops as waste. On the other hand, a person taking ten cups of kegged Kombucha can end up with a single disposable cup or none at all.

  • Gives A Better Final Results

When served with flat Kombucha from a glass bottle or aluminum cans, it loses its sour nature contrary to kegged Kombucha. Using a nitrogen tank and regulator, the brewer ensures equal fizz in each glass served via the faucet.

  • Serves You the Right Quantity

Bottled Kombucha will serve you a certain quantity of Kombucha as packaged by the brewer. In some cases, you might find this more or less to your liking. The good news is kegged Kombucha gives the option of serving yourself the exert quantity you need.

  • It is Sustainable

Serving Kombucha from a tap saves water used in cases of aluminum cans and glass bottles. It is also easy to sustain if you are considering it business-wise. This is because the keg tanks are reusable.

  • Economical

Due to the recyclable nature of the kombucha storage tanks, all you have to do is refill your tank(s) once empty, and you are back in business. You will save a few dollars that you could have spent on bottled Kombucha.

  • Helps You Bond with Your Customers

Serving Kombucha from a tap mostly requires a refill after every glass. While you offer a refill service to your customers, you get to know them better. You get to watch closely as they take the first to the last glass of Kombucha, and you get to understand them better.

  • Provides Taste Sampling Experience to the Customers

Kombucha comes in different varieties. Every customer has their taste preference. In that case, Kombucha on tap will help you provide a product sampling experience to your esteemed customers to help them find one that they like.

   Final Remarks

Kombucha is friendly to the environment and beneficial to your health. Above all, Kombucha on tap is the real deal for you if you do not want to worry about purchasing a product that is not up to your liking. Enjoy a variety of flavored keg drinks today such as Kombucha On Tap.

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