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This is a dice game in which players predict the outcome of the roll or a series of rolls of a pair of dice and place wagers on it. Craps are played in two ways.

  • Street craps. Players play against each other. It can be played casually as little equipment is needed.
  • Casino craps. This is played by one or more players against the casino. Sitting during the game is not allowed, except the player has health issues. The players and dealers stand around a large rectangular table.

Chips are used to make stakes in this game rather than cash. In order to prevent unfair shooting, the player is required to shoot the dice with one hand and the dice is meant to bounce off surrounding walls of the table.

Names of rolls

  • Snake eyes. This signifies two. It’s called this because it looks like a pair of beady eyes. During play, it is called two craps two. It is also called the loose deuce.
  • Ace deuce. This is three. It is called three craps three during common play.
  • Hard four/ ballerina.This refers to 4. It is sometimes called Little Joe on the front row. The hard four is composed of a pair of twos. The easy four is composed of a three and a one.
  • Fever five/ no field five. A five is also referred to as little Phoebe. It is referred to as no field five at casinos where five is not in one of the field rows.
  • 666 winner 6. It is termed as easy when it is composed of a two and a four. It is termed hard when it is composed of a pair of threes.
  • Natural or seven out. A seven composed of a six and a one is referred to as six ace or up pops the Devil. Otherwise, it is simply 7out 7.
  • Ozzie and Harriet. An eight composed of a pair of fours is termed as hard. The hard eight is referred to as eighter from Decatur or square pair.
  • Centerfield nine. The 4-5 nine is referred to as Jesse James. This name is because the outlaw Jesse James was killed by a .45 pistol. Its other predominant name is
  • Dos equis. This means the two X’s in Spanish. It is used for the hard ten (5-5) also called a woman’s best friendor Big John.
  • Yo-leven. This name is given to eleven to prevent confusion with seven.
  • Boxcars/ midnight. A twelve is called midnight in respect to 12 o’clock. It is commonly called just 12 craps 12.

Certain numbers are called easy and hard based on their combinations.

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