Bible And Church: The Everlasting Relationship

The companionship of the bible and church is one that encourages faithfulness. Our family attends a bible believing church, and we have found the benefits to be countless. The bible is God’s word, and it is alive. Therefore, it speaks to us in every season of life-giving us direction, purpose, and hope. When we couple its truths with the fellowship of believers in an environment that upholds biblical standards, we are better able to walk faithfully before our Lord.

In this blog, we will explore the bible church our family attends. We will see how they work together to encourage faithfulness in our lives.

Bible: God’s Word

The bible is the inspired word of God, and it applies to every area of life. It tells us about who He is, what He has done through His Son Jesus Christ, why we need Him, and what our future holds. It is a guidebook for living that is relevant in any season of life.

Church: Fellowship Of Believers

Church provides us with an environment where we can grow in our relationship with God as well as fellowship with other believers. We are able to be encouraged and challenged by those who have gone before us on this faith journey. In addition, the church provides opportunities to serve others and share the gospel with those who do not yet know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Standard Benefits:

Following The bible standards provide us with many benefits. We are able to have a more accurate view of who God is, we are drawn closer to Him, and our relationships improve as well. We also find that we have purpose and meaning in life as we walk according to His plan for us.

Emotional Benefits:

In addition to these standard benefits, bible and church companionship provides us with many emotional benefits. We are able to experience a deep joy that can only come from knowing God personally through His son Jesus Christ our Lord. It transforms us from being self-absorbed into others-centered people who desire the best for those around them even if they do not yet know Jesus. We find that we are more content in life, even during difficult times, because we have a hope and future that is anchored in Christ.


Bible and church companionship encourages faithfulness as we navigate life’s challenges. As we seek to follow God’s will for our lives, He meets us where we are at and guides us in the way that is best for His glory. We can trust Him with every area of our lives because he loves us perfectly!

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