How To Be Safe And Secure Private Data Online?

With the advent of technology in the world, everyone is interested in showcasing their talents and forming a career in the digital world. This is good but many of them are not able to protect what they have created with much effort. Most of the digital businesses are facing data comptonization and because of these are getting many online security threats.

So for all who have their business in the digital world, it is mandatory to establish digital business protection by learning ways on how they can protect their own business.

Is Digital Security and Cyber Security the same thing?

Digital Security and Cyber Security are not the same. Digital Security and Cyber Security deal with the internet threats only but with a slight difference. Digital security is when people talk about the threats that their online presence may encounter related to the data, assets, and all their confidential things. But when people talk about cyber security they will have to deal with securing all the networks, systems, and all other components that might get involved with the internet.

Types of Information that has to be secured with digital business protection.

  1.     Personal data like name, phone number, address and email accounts, and any information that points out the location of the person. If the hacker gets hold of the social security number or the PAN number he can get details of the bank and credit card very easily.
  2.     Any financial transaction that includes the debit card and credit card numbers and pin codes. If they get hold of the internet banking credentials then it is very easy for them to transfer the amount to their bank accounts.
  3.     Another high-level cybercriminal will focus on the data that is completely related to the victims’ health. This includes drugs, health subscriptions, medical history, prescriptions, and many more. They will use this data and file for medical insurance and even can resell the drugs that might be there on the prescription which is illegal.

Simple Steps to secure digital presence in online

  1.     By enabling two-step authentication or two-factor authentication.
  2.     By creating strong and unused passwords that are very difficult for anyone to guess.
  3.     By encrypting all the personal data even on mobile devices.
  4.     It is better to use password protection and never share that password with anyone on all the devices they possess.
  5.     By monitoring all the fake accounts and being very careful with them.
  6.     If there are any online threats or abusive comments it is advised to immediately mark them SPAM and report them.
  7.     It is recommended to revoke access from all the platforms in which they currently don’t work or use anymore.
  8.     It is ideal to have one or two administrators for any business account instead of giving many people admin rights.


There are many tools that can help in digital business protection like instant message encryption tools that can encrypt any message conversation between to messaging apps.

There are tools that can be used to encrypt the phone calls, voice messages, videos that are being transferred for both Android and IOS for free. It is better to be prepared instead of worrying about it later. All these device protection tools make sure that any type of data that is being transferred is end to end encrypted and safe.

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