Keep Your Hands Cleaner Than Ever with an Industrial Hand Cleaner

Working in the industrial sector often means hard, laborious work. And depending on the job and application, it can also mean seriously dirty hands over the course of a given day.

Given that some aspects of the industrial sector require working with viscous chemicals, oils, fats, foods, etc., then you need to have a hand cleaner that will get the job done, all while ensuring that it doesn’t do damage to your skin.

Cleaners for Mechanics

One particular line of work that requires an industrial hand cleaner to get the job done is being a mechanic. Working with oils and other vehicular fluids can get messy quickly. It can also stain hands and make it difficult to get them clean.

Mechanics and other professionals who work with grease, oils, metal dust, and more, need something that will be able to get the job done. With the right hand cleaner, it can make a difference in breaking those substances down and removing them from the skin without harsh scrubbing or irritation to the skin.

Skin Sensitivity

There are, of course, some industrial cleaners out there which will do the job but are not terribly friendly to the skin. Redness, irritation, and even peeling are not uncommon with some of these industrial hand soaps.

This is why a heavy-duty hand cleaner has to not only be able to stand up to all of those contaminants but also be sensitive to the skin as well. The last thing anyone wants is to get clean but have red, irritated skin as a result.

A great hand cleaner will have non-abrasive chemicals within. The result is that it is still able to break down all of the chemicals that can become trapped on the skin without doing damage to the skin along the way.


Another major matter of importance when it comes to choosing the right hand cleaner is its antibacterial qualities. In this day and age, in the wake of a global pandemic, people want to make sure that their hands are clean whenever possible.

An ideal hand soap, especially in the food processing world, would be non-tainting and totally safe to use. They also have chlorhexidine digluconate added at 1% to provide that biocidal action. This is a must no matter what industry you may be working in.

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