Know about the Gambling VS Betting- Bandarqq

Online gambling defined as a betting on casinos, sports etc. It is also defined as e-gambling. The payment usually made through the credit card. Some people suffer loss while other make profit from it. Many countries ban online gambling even it is illegal in India also but some states host the gambling like Goa and Sikkim. Gambling is ubiquitous in India, people bet on sports, casino, animal fights on street.

The birth of e-gambling

The mid-1990s witnessed the birth of internet gambling sites, especially in the western part of the world. Enabled by the discovery of the Internet in the preceding years, e-gambling became a favorite of gamblers across the world due to its unique nature. Popular gambling websites include Wild Casino, Monkey Knife Fight, and Ignition Casino, etc. The games were not only more standardized and codified, but gamblers could now also connect and play with their peers from distant countries. This led bandarqq to gain soaring popularity, and to effectively replace the outdated gambling practices to a large extent.

Factors pushing up Online Gambling includes: 

  1. Internet reaching every corner of the country
  2. Increased use of Smartphone
  3. Digital payment method
  4. Localised Games

Covid-19 Impact on online Gambling 

  • Some matches got cancelled during pandemic it had a huge impact on people lives.
  • Gamblers moving to alternate sources like online gambling sites.
  • Loss in the business of physical casinos and gaming bars. 

Way forward:

  • Only individuals from high income groups should be allowed to play.
  • Mandatory use of PAN and AADHAR CARD to curb money laundering.
  • Imposing GST on gambling will boost revenue.
  • Awareness campaigns should be conducted so that people will be aware of the risk include in the online gambling. 

Gambling is referred to as card games while betting involves casino games and sports. Gambling and Betting is a State subject. There has been rise in online gambling and government is trying to find ways to curb it. It is difficult to say that online gambling is safe to the players and protects rights of the individual.

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