List of Some Must Have Rock Climbing Equipment

Rock climbing is a fun activity to indulge in. In fact, it is not just a sport for many, it is an adventure. Now, to make the most out of this amazing activity, it is crucial to have the right type of equipment.

If you have never done rock climbing before, we recommend you start at an indoor facility. For instance, you can check out the 38,000 Sq. Ft. facility named Bloc Shop in Canada. They have all the necessary equipment in house, and you can even expect to get professional guidance while you are there. However, if you wish to use your own equipment, here is a comprehensive list of everything you might need.

Important rock-climbing equipment: 

Climbing ropes

This is one of the most important equipment any climber needs. Climbing rope is the equipment which links the entire safety chain together. There are several factors like rope type, length, diameter, safety ratings, etc. which you must consider before buying one.


The next important thing after rope is a harness. Usually, all the harnesses have two tie-in points – first at the waist and second on the leg loops. Buy a harness which fits you perfectly as well as ensure full range of movement.

Climbing Helmet

A climbing helmet serves many purposes. However, the most important one is, it protects you from falling rocks and debris when climbing outdoor. Also, some of the helmets are designed specifically to protect you in case of a fall. Buy a helmet which fits snugly, but isn’t tight and uncomfortable.

Climbing shoes

Unlike your regular sport shoes, climbing shoes are designed specifically to provide you better grip while climbing. Their sticky rubber soles provide extra friction and durability while you climb.

Belay device

A belayer is basically the second equipment which you will purchase after rope. If you have no idea what it is – it is a mechanical friction brake device. It is used to control the rope. Three types of belayers are commonly used by climbers – Tubular, Figure 8 and assisted breaking.

Chalk and Chalk bag

Chock improves your grip by absorbing sweat and any other type of moisture from your hands. If you are talking chalk along, it is crucial that you even buy a suitable bag for it.


Carabiners are basically strong connectors which connect climbing ropes with other equipment. It is basically a ring made from steel and plastic which has an opening to allow the rope to pass through.


This equipment is used by climbers to ensure that the rope runs freely. It is commonly known as an extender.

Well, there you go. Lastly, get a rock-climbing insurance before you head to mountains. This will provide you great safety, in case you face an unfortunate accident.

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