Medical Professionals – 2 Dozen Medical & Wellness Tweets to follow along with on Twitter

Twitter is a terrific way to talk to patients or colleagues. Make use of this social networking tool to talk about the most recent information in small bite-sized pieces. Whenever you receive Tweets around the latest news associated with your profession, you’ll stay awake-to-date on developments.

Twitter users rapidly learn the need for ReTweeting, forwarding Tweets from others for your own supporters. Following top health profiles on Twitter will give you a great resource for ReTweeting activity. Twitter keeps growing incredibly fast, but this is a small listing of medical related Tweets. Check frequently for brand new accounts to follow along with as new professionals and organizations launch their very own Twitter efforts.

Pharmaceuticals: Following drug companies and regulatory agencies provides timely pharmaceutical news. Tweets include info on drugs up for Food and drug administration approval and drug recalls. Pharmaceutical Tweets have interest to physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

Pfizer Corporation. (pfizer_news)

Glaxo Cruz Kline (gskus)

Astra Zeneca (astrazenecaus)

Novartis (Novartis)

Food and drug administration Recalls (fdarecalls)

Food and drug administration Drug Info (food and drug administration_drug_info)

Public Health: Tweets from public health agencies could possibly be the clue to trends and also the spread of communicable illnesses. This past year, reports on N1H1 helped medical professionals stick to the spread and signs and symptoms of the flu. Public health Tweets have interest to medical and nursing professionals, as well as interest to healthcare workers in public places clinics and college nurses.

La Department of Health (lapublichealth)

New york city Department of Health (nychealthy)

Work on Women’s Health, US DHHS (womenshealth)

Department of Health insurance and Human Services (hhsgov)


Media: Tweets from TV doctors and mainstream health magazines will keep doctors along with other doctor linked to what their sufferers are viewing and perceiving because the very hot topics in health. Understand what your patients is going to be asking going to create Tweets of true value and interest!

Dr. Andrew Weil (drweil)

Dr. Phil (drphilofficial)

Dr. Oz (DROZ)

The Doctors TV (thedoctors_tv)

Discovery Health TV (disc_health)

Men’s Health Magazine (menshealthmag)

Prevention Magazine (preventionmag)

Journals: Tweets from medical journals provide a sampling of what’s going to be printed. Tweets work to warn you of the items you might want to read within the next issue.

The Lancet (United kingdom Medical Journal) (TheLancet)

Psychological Occasions (psychtimes)

Colonial Journal of drugs (nejm)

Non-Profits: Should you support non-profit health and medical causes, Twitter will keep you informed of current occasions. It is also a terrific way to communicate the work they do and fundraiser for your Twitter supporters.

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