Playing slots online for real money

At pg slot, you can expect to have various stakes, games and slot machines that you can expect to play online.  With that said, you have to understand what they are and ensure that you benefit from the information, making your chances for winning higher.

Types of slot machines

The following are some of the types of slot machines that you expect to get online:

  • Classic 3-Reel: They are three slot reels that are old school which typically have diamond and fruit symbols.
  • Video: They are generally five-reel machines, but it is possible to get 9, 7, 6, 4, 3 reel machines also. They usually have bonuses or features which you can easily trigger.
  • Progressive: It can either be a video or classic machine. What makes them unique is that, if you happen to max out your bet, there is tiny hope of winning the jackpot. Each max portion bet normally goes into making the jackpot to keep growing. They can reach millions of dollars, just the way it is done in live casinos.
  • 3D slots: They usually have 3D graphics instead of having the normal 2D. They have like what you usually see in today’s video games. They have bonus features or rounds which utilizes the graphics.
  • Penny slots: You can play using a penny per line, but at the same time, you can as well play using several dollars per spin/line and thus, you need not worry regarding the capping of the low amount.
  • TV shows: A slot machine with storyline and symbols that revolves around a particular TV show.
  • Movie: A slot machine with symbols and storyline or either, that revolves around a particular movie.

The above are the most common machine types.

Types of slots features

The following are the variety of features you are going to find when playing online slots:

  • Wilds:It refers to symbols that work within the symbols surrounding to become a payline paying higher.
  • Cascading wilds: They are the wilds that will help you win from the reels by allowing other symbols to come in cascading down to form potentially extra winning combos. It gives you several chances to be able to win. They are generally utilized to, later on, trigger the bonus rounds.
  • Ways to win: They are what gives you 1024 or more or a minimum of 234 ways of winning. It is possible to get the winning combinations from right to left and left to right.
  • With both ways: It is similar to the above whereby you can win the right to the left or left to right.
  • Autoplay: When this feature is pressed, you will sit back, watching the spins again and again. When you get the results, the reel will start spinning automatically again
  • Nudges: It gives you the option of moving the reels down to a potential form to combination winning. They are usually manual, but some games have automatic nudge features too.
  • Hold: It usually holds the reels while the others are spin
  • Bonus rounds/games: These are sometimes random features and sometimes come when you can hit a particular combo, giving you a chance to play a mini-game.

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