Pros and cons of a mausoleum  

Are there pros and cons to using the mausoleum instead of going the ashes to diamonds and cremating the remains of your loved ones?

The following are the pros of a mausoleum

Protection and privacy from the weather

If there is an indoor visiting room included in the mausoleum, which most do have, you can spend a lot of time with your loved ones even during a day when you don’t feel like sitting outside. You can as well have more privacy from others who might be at the cemetery

Elevation from the areas which are prone to flooding

In the places where the water table tends to be high, the mausoleum could be the best solution to regular floods in the cemetery. Your loved ones’ remains are dry and high in a mausoleum even when the ground remains wet. It is what has made the mausoleums to become a common choice for cities that are below sea level like New Orleans where using the underground burial does come with a lot of hazards from the floods.

Using space efficiently

Certain mausoleums hold several hundreds of caskets in multi-story structures to use the vertical space of the cemetery denotes that majority of the bodies can be able to rest in a small area as compared to the ground burial, where only the horizontal spaces get utilized.

Accessibility all year round

When in areas that have the ground freezing solid in winter, it might be hard having a ground burial at particular times of the year. The burials are normally delayed until spring in the northern climates, with the bodies waiting in the cemetery vaults. Certain families find it quite upsetting to have to go via the funeral rights over gain when the graveside services have to take place after several weeks or even months after the funeral. It is not an issue if you decide to choose the mausoleum as the entombment can end up taking place any time that you choose, even when it is frozen on the ground.

It is good if you feel uncomfortable with ground burials

If you are the type you feel uncomfortable with ground burials, then this is a deal-breaker. If it gives you discomfort or anxiety, you can decide to go for the mausoleum for your loved ones and yourself when your time comes.

Some of the cons of the mausoleum include:

Tends to be more expensive as compared to other options

In certain cases, choosing the mausoleum denotes that you are going to pay more as compared to going for cremation or ground burial. Mausoleums for one body can be quite expensive and thus, only suitable if money is not an issue for you.

Entombment in a public mausoleum can be a better option though to purchase the space might still be expensive as compared to burying in a plot. There are certain situations where the entombment cost in a mausoleum can only be compared to the entire cost of a burial though it is still expensive as compared to cremation costs.

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