Slots Online: The Good And The Bad

It’s hard to deny the convenience of playing slots online. But is it just as much fun? Or does something get lost in translation when you switch from a brick-and-mortar casino to an internet-based one?

First, let’s look at some pros for playing games online:

  • You can play your favorite slot machine game any time and day without having to drive anywhere or wait in lines. You also won’t have anyone sitting next to you who might distract you while gaming.

This means that there are no distractions whatsoever! Take this scenario into account; if I was going out with my friends tonight, but I didn’t feel like drinking, I would be able to gamble all night long instead of wasting money elsewhere by spending time with them.

  • The other advantage to online casinos is that you can bet and play at a much faster pace than in person, which means you’re able to make more bets per minute or hour.

If I was playing at the casino for an hour before my friend came back from dinner, then I didn’t have any time left during our visit! But if I were gambling on slots over the internet, then we’d still be spending quality time together when they got there because “I had just started.”

You also don’t need to worry about getting too tipsy while playing slots at pgslot; so long as you set your drink up somewhere else (like another room), then everyone’s happy. The only thing you might miss out on is the atmosphere of an actual casino, but if you’re playing at home, then that’s not a problem.

Cons list:

  • You may miss out on some table games or other actions in person because they don’t have them online. This is more so the case when it comes to poker and blackjack; there are usually guides available for these games (or free demos) that can help make up for this.

For example, I couldn’t find any slots where you can bet against yourself–but most people wouldn’t care about this anyway unless they were trying to beat their own score!

  • The biggest drawback with gambling over the internet is obviously security concerns since every transaction gets processed through your computer without any escrow. If you’re not careful, hackers could steal your information and empty out your bank accounts!

Luckily, most quality casinos have some type of verification system in place that will prevent this from happening–such as a valid credit card or ID to log into the casino with.

This is also where technology comes into play: every major company has good security systems which encrypt data, so if anything bad happens, it’s usually contained to just one person. You can also find reviews online for any given casino before signing up; these are always helpful!


So what does playing at an internet-based slot machine feel like? The pros outweigh the cons by far when it comes to convenience and speed. So there’s no harm in trying!

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