Some Detailed Specifications about the Gozney Pizza Oven by BBQs 2u

When it comes to BBQs 2u and their products, there is nothing to worry about the quality of their products and their after-support services.

This company has been selling barbeques since the year 2002, as they are very passionate about barbeques and have a good grilling knowledge which they would like to share with their customers. Whether you need a gas or a charcoal one, they got barbeques for everyone.

One of their top-running products is the Gozney pizza oven. If you are looking to achieve a perfect pizza at home, then this is the right equipment for you.

Gozney is a British company that is into the production of high-quality pizza ovens which is perfect for home and commercial use both.

It was founded in the year 2010 by Tom Gozney and because of its innovative design and excellent quality, it has become a leading pizza oven manufacturer.

Gozney pizza ovens come in different sizes and styles that suit everyone’s needs. This company offer both gas and wood-fired ovens and the models are made of all high-quality materials.

They are easy to use and have good durability and longevity. You can cook any pizza in just 60 seconds and even roast, bake and steam a limitless amount of food.

In addition to the high quality, Gozney pizzas also offer a wide range of oven accessories like peelers, cutters and baking stones.

They are designed in such a way that the oven can work seamlessly and improve your pizza-making experience.

Below are some of the accessories that are available for the Gozney pizza oven:

·       Gozney Dome cover

It fits perfectly over the oven and is made of marine-grade material. It is weather resistant and will prevent anything from entering the oven.

·       Gozney Dome door

If you want to turn your dome into a bread oven then this Rope sealed door can be used.

·       Gozney Dome Mantel

This will make it easy for you to turn, check, baste and rest your food.

·       Gozney Dome Placement Peel

This is a professional, lightweight peel that can be used for the placement of dough and cooking trays in and out of the oven.

·       Gozney Dome stands

It has a flexible free-standing set-up that is a perfect fit for an outdoor kitchen countertop.

·       Gozney Dome Steam injector

It is a black anodized aluminium funnel with a cork top that will help fill the right amount of water in the oven

·       Gozney Dome Turning Peel

This is perfect for repositioning food from small domestic to entry-level commercial-size ovens.

·       Gozney dome wood

This is made of ash and beech pieces

·       Gozney Dome wood loader

It makes it easy to place and handle wood in the oven.

·       Gozney Dome Wood Rack

This will elevate the wood fire up above the Dome oven floor

·       Gozney Dough Cutter

It makes it perfect to cut, shape and divide the dough into exact portion sizes.

Out of all these accessories, the pizza peel is the best one. As it eases out the transfer of pizza from the prep area to the oven and back again.

Gozney does offer high-quality products and you can sure about taking the pizza game to the next level.

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