Ten Helpful Energy Saving Tips to Use in Your Home

With the rising cost of today’s energy bills, it is important to find ways to both reduce our consumption and understand our usage. There are lots of things you can do, and these range from easy low costs actions to larger, more significant investments such as upgrading your boiler or installing loft insulation. This short article will aim to give you some great ideas you can use in your home while still staying warm, safe, and healthy.

Easy No Cost Changes

1, Turning Down Your Boiler – if you already have a combi-type boiler, turning down the flow temperature will save you around one hundred pounds a year and will not noticeably reduce your home’s temperature.

2, Only Heat the Room – reduce or turn off radiators in rooms you are not using and using a small space heater instead of central heating will result in another significant cost saving.

3, Turn It Off at The Wall – by switching off unused appliances such as computers and televisions at the socket, you can stop them from drawing power and save around a further seventy pounds a year.

4, Washing & Drying – Lowering the temperature you wash your clothes and reducing the amount you use a tumble dryer will achieve another great reduction on your energy bill.

These are free and easy tips that everybody can use in their home; closing curtains and monitoring your energy usage with an app are other good tips to use around the house.

Low-Cost Improvements

These next tips do require a small amount of investment to improve your home, make it more energy efficient and reduce your bills.

5, Change Your Lightbulbs – some light bulbs are extremely inefficient; by switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs, you can save around sixty pounds per year.

6, Seal the Draughts – block the unwanted gaps around doors and windows that let heat escape; using thick curtains and draft excluders in doorways and fitting secondary window film can reduce costs.

Asking your energy supplier to install a smart meter is also something you should think about; it means an end to estimated bills and allows you to monitor your usage.

Spend To Save Improvements

These last few tips do require more investment but, in turn, lead to more significant savings and improve your health and well-being.

7, Install Insulation – improving the Insulation in your roof and loft is a straightforward way to save you nearly four hundred pounds a year. Loft insulation rolls are simple to install, and you can do the job yourself in a couple of hours.

8, Upgrade Your Appliances – by switching to A-rated fridges, dishwashers and washing machines, you can reduce your consumption by around twenty-five per cent.

9, Think About Solar – installing solar panels on the roof of your home allows you to generate your own electricity and reduce your costs; the saving is around four hundred and fifty pounds per year.

10, Upgrade Your Double glazing – heat loss through your windows is a major issue in older homes; by upgrading to modern glazed windows, your bills will see another significant saving.

These home improvements are not all you can do; replacing your boiler with a heat pump and installing underfloor heating are two other ways to reduce your usage.

Take charge of your energy consumption and reduce your bills; hopefully, this short piece has given you the information you need to make great savings now.

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