The Various Types Of Ads You Can Utilise On Google

When you are doing SEO on your website and waiting for it to kick in, you may want to utilise some of the paid advertising Google offers to help increase your sales. They offer many different types of digital advertising, and when you run them correctly, they can prove to be highly lucrative for your business. Below are some of the various ads you can consider helping boost your business and generate lots more sales.

Display Advertising

One of the most popular forms of Google advertising is display ads, which are visually based and are appealing to your target audience. They are excellent for increasing sales and traffic to your website and boosting your brand awareness, and you can also utilise remarketing to give your ads more impact. Remarketing is where the ads will follow the user to other sites they use, enforcing your brand and product to them and encouraging them to buy.

Video Advertising

Video is one of the most popular mediums that users consume, and on average, people watch almost seven hours a week of videos. With around 93% of businesses attracting new users through this medium, it is worth investing in for your business. Creating a well-crafted video that is engaging and holds the user’s attention can be lucrative for your company, so it is something you want to consider doing.

Shopping Ads

You can also use the Google shopping ads to highlight your products and get them in front of your target audience. These ads will appear at the top of the search page when the user is searching for a product, and you can display an image of the product, a short description, the price, and a link to your website as well so they can make a purchase.

Advertising Locally

If you are a small local business, you can also use Google to advertise locally and ensure potential customers are within your catchment area. You can use them to promote products and services, special offers and sales, and your ads can appear in many places, such as:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Maps
  • YouTube

Any form of digital advertising like this can be lucrative for your business if it is done correctly. As such, you will need experience and knowledge to optimise your campaign and ensure it shows you an excellent return on your investment. It is often best to use the services of a reputable digital agency to help you do this, who can streamline your campaign and ensure it is successful, generating plenty of revenue and more than paying for the cost of the advertising.

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