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Every person desires lush green hair that they will be proud of when they step out. This is always an issue in most cases because of some combination of factors. In some people, there are instances where hair will grow in embarrassing parts of the body. Getting rid of them in a professional way without affecting the texture of the skin is always a big issue. There are supplements that you can rely on for hair growth and hair removal. Ketamine therapy at home is a supplement that has the power to deliver on all the promises that come with it. The practical template to achieve the best results can be seen there.

An understanding of some technical terms in hair growth and development will be of help when you are in search of the formula that is best for your situation.

The anagen phase

The anagen phase in hair development is the growth stage. The natural hair will remain in this stage for the first three-six years of life. If you are lucky enough to have the right gene that makes this period exceed the first six years of life, you are going to have longer hair. If we are to go by statistics, about 80 to 85% of the hairs that we have on our heads are in this state.


Another stage in the hair growth cycle is catagen. This cycle lasts about two weeks for every individual. This is the phase whereby the hair follicles are allowed to renew themselves during this phase of hair growth.

A clear understanding of the phases above will enlighten you on what to do if the natural results are not achieved. It is also important to make sure that you partner with a reliable supplement that has a credible record of clinical performance without posing allergies to the hair follicle. A bright example of this is seen through iv ketamine treatment.


When you get a clear understanding of the circle of hair growth, it will be easy to apply the best supplement from the experts who know about the cycle of hair growth. The Telogen is known as the resting phase. The hair follicles in this state are dormant for between 5 and 6 weeks. The stats show that between 12% and 20% of hairs remain in this state.

Growing New Hair

If you want to grow new hair, then each of the hair follicles must go through the hair growth phases in order to grow new hair. You have a limited time for each phase. So where does the hair growth supplement come in? When you partner with a reliable supplement like ketamine clinical trials, the chances of extending each of the phases stated above will be enhanced. An understanding of the phases of hair growth and the application of the right organic formula will help resolve every problem that you might encounter with your hair. All you need is a worthy partnership with a reliable hair supplement.

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