Tuho-Ri and Pai Gow Poker: A Complete Comparison

Tuho-Ri and Pai Gow Poker are two variants of the same card game. They both have many similarities but also some major differences. One is a more traditional variation played in China for centuries, while the other is a product of American casino culture. In this article, we’ll go over how they’re different and what makes them similar so you can decide which one to play!


  • Tuho-Ri is a more traditional variation of the Pai Gow Poker game. It’s playable with two to eight players, and each player starts with only three cards face down in front of them instead of five as they would have in American poker.
  • The objective is similar: by gathering four cards that add up to nine or less (or ten if playing for money), you can place your bets on various combinations, which will pay out at different rates based on how many people are competing against each other with this same combination.


  1. Tuho makes it easier to build these hands because fewer betting options are available from the deck than what a player has when playing Pai Gow Poker.
  1. In both games, you can bet based on several different combinations, but Pai Gow Poker is much harder because there are many more possible outcomes when playing this game than if playing Tuho-Ri!
  1. Tuho-Ri only uses two different betting options: the “House” and player bets, with the House, always being given a bet of five.
  1. In Pai Gow Poker, players can choose between three types of bets; an individual bet which is smaller than both the House and Player bets put together, a House bet that’s worth five times as much, and a Player bet worth twice as much.

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