Understanding The Process of Filing An Uncontested Divorce In Virginia

Couples who agree to get divorced in Virginia and resolve all issues with mutual understanding between them might be able to avoid the emotional turmoil that is usually associated with contested divorce cases. As the rule in Virginia goes, an uncontested divorce is easy, takes less time and money than a contested divorce.

However, even if both the parties may agree on everything, termination of marriage still requires the help of a Virginia uncontested divorce lawyer for obtaining a court order. The Law Offices of John W. Lee P.C. has a team of six top uncontested divorce attorneys in Virginia who have a huge experience of legal expertise in family and divorce laws.

They offer the highest level of satisfactory results with reasonable fees. Their offices are located on Hampton Roads in Virginia Beach, Hampton, Chesapeake, and Newport News.

Eligibility for Uncontested Divorce in Virginia

It is not that you get automatically eligible for uncontested divorce even if you and your spouse agree on all the issues. There are certain rules in Virginia that you need to fulfill for an uncontested divorce.

  • You need to live separately from your spouse for at least 6 months if you do not have any minor children
  • If you have a minor child, the separation period needs to be for 1 year
  • Your physical separation needs to be testified by a witness
  • You disqualify even if you spend a single night under one roof
  • The spouse filing for divorce needs to be a Virginia resident at least for 6 months at the date of filing.
  • You may show your voter registration, bank account address, or submit a personally sworn complaint as residential proof.

Process of Filing

The actual process of an uncontested divorce case in Virginia is simple and roughly takes 7 to 15 months to complete. It would take 1-3 months if both the parties already meet the requirements. Follow the procedure and your case is resolved soon.

  • Get a good family lawyer from John W. Lee P. C. Law firm for the paperwork that needs to be submitted
  • File the necessary paperwork with the Virginia court
  • Court processes your petition within 3 months
  • Once the judge signs the legal separation papers, it goes into effect immediately
  • Your divorce process ends.

Filing for an uncontested divorce is cheap and quick as compared to fighting it in the court. Moreover, you don’t have to drag yourself emotionally endlessly in the court fighting for tour case.

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