What Are Pillar Candles and where they are used?

Pillar Candles have been around for centuries, but what has changed over the years? In general, the time it usually takes for a pillar Candle to burn completely depends largely on the size and type of its ingredients. So diameter and height are key factors to keep in mind when purchasing pillar Candles. For instance, a small six-inch pillar Candle with a diameter of just three inches would burn for an hour and a half.

Now a days there are many different sizes, shapes and colours of pillar candle for sale available. They can be scented or unscented, made from a variety of woods (not cedar, unfortunately), and in a multitude of different colours. Pillar Candles are often used as wedding decorations and placed on tables, stands, mantles, and anywhere else you would like to give them as a focal point. Because of their uses, most manufacturers will offer an assortment of sizes, shapes and colours to choose from. And, as previously mentioned, most companies will also be able to customize any Candle with an inscription or printed name.

Pillar Candles are usually divided into two categories: those which use paraffin or gel fuel and those which use soybean or linen. Most pillar Candles that burn will use paraffin, which burns cleanly and produces little soot, and is available in a variety of colours and finishes. Soybean and linen Candles, while more expensive, last longer and do not get so hot so as to create soot or smoke. Most manufacturers will recommend pillar Candles that burn on paraffin or gel fuel be located where they will be enjoyed the most. However, if you are considering a particular colour, finish or scent, it may not be possible to have one that burns efficiently and produces minimal soot.

If you are looking for a distinctive aromas or tastes when using pillar Candles, beeswax Candles are your answer. In addition to being available in many different colors and finishes, beeswax Candles will burn cleaner than any other Candle, last longer, produce little soot, and are ideal for use in decorative applications and on mantle tops. Unlike pillar Candles, beeswax Candles can be made in the shape of roses, dogs, flowers, angels, mushrooms and pumpkins. They can even be made with the scent of your favourite foods, or with the aroma of potpourri.

When choosing pillar Candles that burn, there are a few things to consider before you head out to the hardware store or the local drugstore. Pillar Candles that burn must have a sturdy, protective wick that will withstand heat, both external and internal, and that will burn continuously for its full length. There should be no air gaps between the wick and the surrounding room temperature, and the flame should be small enough not to produce a glow but large enough to burn brightly and completely. When selecting a wick, it is best to choose one that is made from a solid material, such as stainless steel or copper. It should be made in a shape that matches the design of your Candle.

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