What are the Basic Functions of a PR Company

You hire a PR company to achieve various goals. The experts can help you achieve different goals such as brand management, reputation management, brand awareness, crisis management, and many others. Before you hire one, you must know the basic functions of a PR company.

Main Functions of a PR Company

  1. Media Representation

Public relations functions rely heavily on media coverage. PR professionals work hard on media management by providing newsworthy content to various journalists. This can be done by sending press releases, video releases, stories, and much more that are being pitched to the journalists to spread brand awareness. It is not easy to pitch the stories to journalists and get them accepted by them. Therefore, a PR professional does thorough research before pitching the stories to them.

Other than this, measuring the journalists’ responses and monitoring the results is important. The data is important to analyze the performance of the media management and PR campaign so that it can be used in the future.

  1. Content Development & Management

Content development and management is another integral function of public relations. This makes it important for companies to create different types of strategies. The content-development part is associated with the message that is especially given by the CEO or upper management to the general public and the stakeholders. Therefore, it has to be created in a specific tonal range. This part consists of emails, annual reports, press releases, newsletters, blogs, and speeches.

The PR professionals collaborate with the company’s marketing department to obtain all of the insights. This helps them create a specific storyline containing all the essential details, focusing on all the concerned parties.

  1. Crisis Management

The third major function of a PR firm is crisis management. A crisis is an uncertain situation that can occur at any point in the organization, damaging its reputation if not handled appropriately. PR professionals help manage the situation by preparing a crisis communication plan in advance.

The plan consists of various steps where they assign a spokesperson who becomes the face of the organization during a crisis. The experts provide complete training to the spokesperson on addressing things to handle the situation efficiently. The PR professionals always help prepare the content containing all the key points that need to be addressed in such a situation. The spokesperson is trained to handle a pressurized situation and to calmly answer the questions of the journalists.

  1. Social Media Management

Lastly, social media management is also an essential function of a PR firm. A PR expert manages different social media platforms for the company to maintain its positive brand reputation. They collaborate with influencers to reach millions of relevant audiences. Social media could be dangerous if not handled properly. It is very easy to damage the reputation of these platforms. Therefore, the PR experts keep an eagle eye on all the comments and reactions of the followers on these platforms and provide them with relevant solutions to make them feel important. They keep posting updates on behalf of the company and manage the profile efficiently.

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