What are the main Pros and Cons of a Biometric Security system?

As the name suggests, the word biometric refers to the use of human body parts like a fingerprint, eye retina recognition, as these are unique to an individual person and cant be the same with another person.

With the help of pre-scanning of the eyes or a fingerprint, activity can be performed.

In recent smartphones, most phones now have a feature to unlock the phone with help of a fingerprint or easy recognition.

Biometric protection readers depend on the user’s biological differentiae to consent or deny entry to a certain area. Earlier it used to be deployed airports and government agencies only. And now it is available at every small and big facility, it can be seen in hospitals, retail banks, retailers, schools, shops, stores and among other areas. Based on the need and the requirement different systems use different tag parameters to grant the permit. Most consumers use fingerprints, eyes or a combination of these biometrics. This is widely used and integrated with timekeeping and payroll software to make the salary.

Every technology will always have some positive points and at the same time it also carries some negative aspect and we should know each of them before we going to buy so that at a later stage we should not be supposed to know the cons part of the service or the product.


Since the system requires scanning of the human fingerprints or maybe eyes retina and it always brings extra security as the possibilities of the method being compromised are quite small. First, every individual has a unique set of biometrics and second, you cannot leave your face, fingerprint at home. Therefore, if you have installed a biometric security system at office school etc, you can rest assured that your premises are safe and secured 24X7. This security system can be made more secure by adding up a new layer of protection by using the magnetic card and biometric both to gain access.

And when we see it from a long term perspective point of view then it is also a cost-effective solution. You can call and have to advise from renowned and professional locksmiths like Slotenmaker Vilvoorde they will give you the best possible solution. When you use the aces control system then you may need to issue the fob or badges/card but when you install the Biometric system it doe not require this kind of extra card etc. The cost could be a bit high initially but their maintenance needs are minimal. It is also environmentally friendly as we do not need to destroy the cards or badges. Over the last few years, more companies have installed biometric security systems which have pushed the cost of installing these strategies lower, thus it is becoming the essential security system for a big or a small company or the organisation.

You must have seen many movies or web series where you might have seen that a fake person uses the plastic tape to copy the fingerprint and is sure to unlock the security gate but such a situation can be seen in movies and not real in the practical world. so one should note that biometric data is not transferrable.


Due to higher initial costs, some other security systems are being adopted.

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