What are the risks of choosing the wrong asbestos consultant?


Asbestos is a very dangerous substance that when it is released into the environment, can cause health risks. Those people who own buildings that were built before 2000 are required to conduct an asbestos survey for the sake of knowing the location of asbestos, the amount of asbestos in the building, and the risk that it can pose to the living beings accessing the building. Nowadays, there are many consultants out there offering asbestos consultant services for those in need. Although there are some contractors and consultants who know what they are doing, some can be untrustworthy and they can even cause a problem to be worse.  The wrong consultant can also make you pay fines for doing asbestos survey London the wrong way. There are many other impacts of choosing the wrong asbestos consultant. Here are some of the risks associated with appointing the wrong asbestos consultant

Non-compliance with asbestos legislation and regulation

This is the first risk that you will face when you choose an asbestos survey company that is not right for you or that doesn’t qualify for asbestos survey and asbestos management. If you consider a contractor who will not comply with the directives, you will experience negative impacts on your business. Some of the most important requirements include conducting a refurbishment asbestos survey before building works, conducting asbestos survey according to the required and stated standards, only using surveying organizations or companies that are accredited, and making sure that the contractors are part of the asbestos association within your country. Failure to comply with the legislation and the regulation will be subjected to heavy fines and even prosecution.

The Health and safety of staff, residents, contractors, and visitors will be at stake

The major reason why asbestos assessment is being done is to make sure that there are no risks associated with asbestos present in buildings or properties. Before you can hire any asbestos consultant or asbestos testing company, you should always make sure that you are settling for the right company or else, the health of your workers, visitors, contractors, and anyone who visits the building will always be at risk. You should never waste your money, time, and effort on an asbestos survey and removal company that does not know how to properly handle asbestos-based materials. During the risk assessment, asbestos management, and survey processes, nothing should go wrong. If it does, you will be exposing everyone who is around the building or property to a deadly substance that can cause diseases such as cancer and that can kill them as well.

You will be wasting your time and budget

Programming and budgeting are and will always be a very important part of asbestos surveying. How you can get the project completed on time and your stated budget should be very important to you. The wrong asbestos consultant will pose a threat to the time and the budget by underestimating the time and spending too much due to poor detailing of work specifications.

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