What Circumstances made Amanda Bynes Announce an Early Retirement

You may often wonder why Amanda Bynes got in trouble with the law. The star of the movie She’s the Man has several incidents in her life that rattled her life and shocked her fans. She was an innocent and sweet Nickelodeon star for her fans. However, the clues about her rebelling against her fans that made her popular put a dent in her life and fan following.

Bynes got frustrated about her inability to transition fully from the innocent roles of her younger days into being taken seriously as a complete actress. She strived to do something that could shock her fans and the people. She wanted to do something that was out of her character. She believed that people were unaware of what she could do. She revealed her feelings in an interview with Cosmopolitan in 2008.

It made her even less surprising for the people, as she retired from her acting career in 2008. She could not find fun in her acting career. Her retirement at the young age of 24 resulted in her lack of interest as an actress. The main reason for her early retirement was her belief that she acted according to the will of the directors and producers based on the characters written in the TV shows and the movies. She was never a part of a movie or TV show writing.

Negative coverage by the media was a deterrent as well

The downward career in the life of Amanda Bynes gave birth to various cover stories by several news outlets that posed negativity for her. Rather than showing sympathy for her mental state, various new outlets started running derogatory stories and damaging pictures of the star. It would not be wrong to suggest that such activities by the news outlets could also be the reason resulting in her early retirement.

Moreover, her social media access was not of great assistance either. During these testing and stressful times, Bynes posted numerous outbursts against her fans on Twitter. However, later in an interview with Paper, Bynes apologized for her conduct and repented. She admitted her mistake of blasting out against her fans on Twitter and apologized to her peers for the act.

Her venture with drugs

Apart from the lack of serious roles and the negative attention that caused Amanda to become stressed, the star admitted about alcohol and drug abuse hampering her life and career. She admitted to using marijuana in her teens and later moved on to harder drugs. It made her behave out of character, thereby resulting in either quitting or being fired from the movie. However, it is unclear what the reason was.

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