What Kind Of Outfit To Wear And Carry At The Spa?

Newcomers to a spa parlor are unsure about clothing to wear as well as what things to carry.

  • Is it fine to arrive wearing casual outfit?
  • Should spa goers need to bring their towels and robe?
  • What kind of shoes need to be worn?
  • What items need to be left home?

Many spa newcomers are concerned about spa nudity. The dress code at each spa differ from one facility to another.

What kind of outfit to wear on spa day?

At daytime spa, you will be spending a lot of time wearing a robe. In what kind of clothes to arrive is hard to decide. Obviously, your outfit choice need to take two things in considerations including comfort and practicality.

You will find Sherbrooke customer reviews regarding what to wear at their favorite spa facility. You can check dress code on https://www.stromspa.com/vieux-quebec/boutique/en. They wear comfortable clothes like lounge pants, yoga bottoms, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and hoodies. Sport shoes and trainers are also allowed but use can be restricted up to dry regions for cleanness reasons.

You can wear your swim costume under your clothing instead of usual underwear as well as flip-flops. If possible avoid make up and tie hair back.

Is it necessary to carry a robe?

Complimentary robe are offered at majority of spas. Several request a deposit or charge rental fee. You can check this in your spa package. If in doubt, call the spa and find out. You are also welcome to use your personal robe, especially when the spa robe you wore gets damp.

Are there different size robes available at the spa facility?

Generally, some robes are small and a few large just like the towels they provide. Same applied for spa slippers or flip-flops. As spas cater to vast range of people ranging from tall, wide females to teen girls. Even if you have a large frame, spa robes are cut generously to fill you. People smaller than average may suffer because they get lost in toweling mountain that trails on the floor.

What to wear beneath the robe?

If you plan to use the thermal or wet facilities then it is sensible to wear swim suit. If you are visiting for a treatment than usual underwear is fine. For special body treatments, you will be offered paper knickers.

What personal items to bring?

You will be offered a locker, to store personal things safely as you enjoy the spa amenities and treatments. However, leave jewelry and electronic devices at home, so as to enjoy spa without concerns about them getting stolen.

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