Which of These 5 Blackjack Stereotypes Are You?

When I talk of stereotypes here, we are talking about universality. I know stereotyping is a sin, but these are the very life of a Blackjack table. The players are special because of these stereotypes. Also, the game requires a lot of strategizing and analysing of situations from the players’ end. The matches become even more special in that case. No matter which country you play from, these stereotypes hold true- try online slots nz for instance.

Let us have a glance at these stereotypes- I am sure that once you go through this article, you will definitely identify with one of them.

The Novice person Counting Cards

They act like they are made for the casino and fit well in the scenario. But they have a different reason to be playing. How do we know? Well, they are just counting the cards.. So if you see an amateur counter, you can always see it. Their slow pace could a problem for the rest of the players. This category of people is a bit different from the rest. They are not involved in the game at very extensive level, but they make a fun category.

The Nervous Nelly

This category did not want to be here. They are in the casino and it is getting great vibe. You can see Nelly’s nerves instantly – they don’t look weird, their eyes are clean, they work too much and maybe even sweat a little. They pushed a small amount of money into their hands and approached the table with everything except confidence. No matter how funny it is- it is amazing!

We have to be patient with newcomers. At one time I felt nervous like Nellie I played at the casino. The trick is to increase it, that is. I strongly believe in karmic gambling – if you help someone familiarize yourself with the game, you can extend the next round of wins with a few rounds.

The Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly is for fun at the casino. They usually have a small bankroll, little idea about how to play, with smaller bankrolls, they just have money to survive and not much on the agenda in terms of strategy or profit. When categorising, most of the blackjack players tend to fall in this category.

The Maths Whiz

Math Whiz is in the casino and he knows why. These people take the game very seriously, and do not play it for fun. He is a really smart person who happens to be at a bachelor party in Vegas, or on his way to becoming a pro player or card player. There is no math wizard who plays blackjack for fun. The match wizards ensure that the game is interesting for all age groups.

The Blackjack Pro

True professionals make up a small portion of the gambling population. Becoming a professional or even semi-professional blackjack player requires concentration, effort, commitment, and discipline in an amount that most people don’t have. True professionals are the constant winners of the blackjack table.

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