Why there is a need to use office 2019 professional plus

If you have Office 365 ProPlus, then it means you already have Office 2019 professional plusentire feature set. The ProPlus is known to have an added benefit of cumulative and automatic feature upgrade whereas the original Office 2019 doesn’t receive any new features added, and has only security patches. In case Microsoft releases another edition which is a standalone, you will be required to pay another upfront fee for it.

From its constant cumulative updates, the Office 365 ProPlus has majority of the features which are in the Office 2019 which was shipped years earlier. In case you have the ProPlus already, then the Office 2019 becomes redundant and doesn’t have future proof as compared to the former option.

Another major reason that you need to consider the Office 365 ProPlus for your business as compared to going for the Office 2019 is that, the latter has only seven years of support as compared with the Office 2016 which was given a full decade.

Microsoft doesn’t offer support connection to the services which are cloud-based like OneDrive, and Exchange for the Office 2019 of its second half which is a lifecycle that is already shortened. What it means is that, you will continue using Office 2019 just fine, you will not be in a position of connecting any of its application to the online Exchange, OneDrive or Microsoft Azure for Business as from 2023. When you consider the strength of such services, it is a disadvantage which is unnecessary.

Who needs to use Office 2019?

Microsoft office 2019 is specifically a product which is geared towards commercial customers that are volume-licensed with a need that is specified for on-premises or the software deployment which is hybrid – or who aren’t ready yet for the software which is cloud-based.

Moving to the cloud is a long journey, and in case your organization isn’t prepared yet for the digital transformation, then using the Office 2019 will make great sense. But, it is necessary that you not that the Office 2019 is not a platform that is future-proof by any means.

Microsoft is directing customers towards the Office 365 and the model which is subscription based, as it allows them to keep updating it with upgrades and patches constantly. Given the support period of the Office 2019 ending on 14 October 2025, the same day that the support for Office 2016 ends, there is an argument of making that the Office suite which is perpetual licensed model is coming to the end and that eh cloud backed office of the Office 365 ProPlus is the main way forward.

If you want to buy the Microsoft 365 subscription, you already have Office 365 ProPlus and thus, don’t require going for the Office 2019. Based on the aggressiveness of the Microsoft to push towards the Microsoft 365, the Office 2019 will be the last perpetual licensing version of the Office that will be available.

Without any upgrades, half of the support life-cycle and an early cloud service cut-off, it tends to be clear that the Office 365 ProPlus is an option for business which require to remain future proof.

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