The reason your tattoo artist should know that you have used a numbing cream

If your artist gets to know that you are using tattoo numbing cream, they will be at peace knowing that you are not going to scream because of pain. To get a tattoo is not fun and it involves feeling a lot of pain.

Screams, pain and discomfort will torment you and at the same time, disturb the tattoo artist. With the numbing creams, it makes the process of tattooing to be a bit painless. It is known to be a topical anesthetic which tends to dull the patch of the skin to ensure that you don’t feel anything happening to the skin.

Apart from that, it allows the artist to do their work with a lot of ease. Thus, most of the tattoo artists use a cream or ensure to recommend to the client to do so. There are some artists who might not appreciate you using the numbing cream.

An example is where they have a feeling that, the pain felt during tattooing is part of the process and that you need to tolerate it. Another thing is that, the pain tends to prompt you to take rest which in turn delays the process. Such delays are charged by the tattoo artists with some of them believing that numbing cream is going to interact with the needle and the ink in the process.

But that is not the approach of all the tattoo artists when it comes to the numbing cream. The following are some of the reasons why you have to inform your tattoo artist that you have utilized a numbing cream:

Minimum interruptions and delays

To make a piece of art that is precise, a tattoo artist requires to have full concentration. But with the discomfort and pain, it prompts the client to keep asking for breaks, which leads to delays which are unnecessary.

A bit of body shakes or any discomfort is likely to ruin the entire process. An example is where you scream or make movement because of feeling pain, it will not allow the artist to concentrate on the work. The numbing cream might make a difference as it dulls the pain allowing you to go through the process comfortably and easily. On the other hand, a tattoo artist will be able to do their job without any disturbance.

Tattooing will be easy and quick

Because there will be no disturbance or delays caused by your discomfort or pain, a tattoo artist can complete the process much faster.

Getting a tattoo on the spots that are most painful will tend to be easier

Ribcage, elbow, head and foot are the parts which are most painful when doing a tattoo. It is due to the fact that they have a surface that is bony and has more nerve endings. When the needle runs in these particular areas, it definitely causes pain. It is like someone striking with a small hammer over your bones and thus, it is sensible to utilize a numbing cream for the process to be painless.

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